my first post.


Cliché. Whatever.

I still live in my parents house. It’s so not my kind of house. It’s old…colonial…..brown everything. Bleck. I’m a modernist. So I was granted limited permission to “redo” the bathroom, which meant I couldn’t touch the flooring or re laminate the awful countertop. Its so gross. But I took what I could get.

This is what it looked like before.



019It was painted blue….with wood trim everything…..with a zebra shower curtain…….

that’s my sister for you. It had to go.

I removed all the cabinets, drawers, light fixtures and random other crap. Everything was going to be WHITE! I painted the walls a satin white, which took two coats of primer and paint…and the window sill, kickboard and cabinets were painted high gloss white. I bought a new towel rack, white obvi, sleek blac drawer pulls, and a new shower curtain. check it out!

141 142 148 144


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