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  1. Hi Kelly! So you probably don’t remember me because i wasn’t in your group for Natures Classroom but i was in Alison’s and we were the group of kids that kept yelling your name for the trivia (just want to refresh your memory on how immature we were/are) but i just want to say how amazing you people are, at first i didn’t want to go because I didn’t think it would be fun ( obviously I was stupid) but once i got there and was on the bus, i realized how amazingly fun it would be.the nighttime songs were my favorite, and on the last day , the last song, i started to cry. i didn’t want to leave such and amazing place with such amazing people. getting so close to the counselor’s was the worst decision i have ever made in my entire life because at that moment i forgot how hard it would be to say goodbye. thank you much for the best times of my life, i have gotten so much closer to my friends and on the way back i just cried, the amount of girls on my bus crying is unbelievable. You, Robert, mad-dog,Alison,Lego,and everyone else have left such an impact in my life. if i could go to natures classroom again i would. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you, to all of you. Madison Ruzzo.

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