DIY laptop case

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Hi there!

While preparing for my upcoming travels, i turned to the internet to search for a laptop case or cover to protect my laptop. Well my laptop is an absurd 17 inches…

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

its massive. PS, i love the stickers i just put on. The doughnut is from Brandy Melville, and the be mindful sticker from a set of Mambi sticks i got at Michaels craft store.


I have had this fabric in my closet for nearly two years. I got it in Benin when i was teaching, and i had yet to find a perfect use for it. So i chose it to make a laptop case.


  • 1 yard durable fabric with desired design
  • 1 yard fleece fabric (for the inside of the case)
  • matching thread
  • zipper in desired color between 18-22 inches depending on the size of your laptop
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • scissors

step one

measure out your fabric. I measured mine by folding the fabric over my computer twice, leaving an extra 1 inch on each side for good measure.


make sure to do the same on both fabrics


step two:

use pins to pin the fleece so the underside of the designed fabric, because the fleece is the inside, which we wont see when the case is done.

step three:

fold the fabric in half with the fleece side on the outside, so it would appear to be inside out. Break out the sewing machine.

step four:

sew the two short ends shut, stopping two inches or so towards the top to leave room for the zipper. Near the bottom, feel free to curve the corners for a different look.


step five:

Time to attach the zipper to our open pouch. This can be very difficult…

BUT…have no fear. The more pins you use the merrier.

Start by pinning the zipper upside down, to the inside of the pouch. Keep in mind the pouch is still inside out, so the fleece should be on the outside.



you can see i cut some little slits at the end of the zipper, which makes it easier for the zipper to bed whilst sewing it in a curve at the ends. The zipper toggle should be facing the inside of the pouch, AKA you shouldn’t be able to zip it open or closed. Do only one side at a time.


step six:

Do the same to the other side. This may be tricky because there is less flexibility in the fabric now.



step seven:

If your zipper ends are floppy and not really sewn in place, pin them in a curve going down the side, which will be easier if you do the slits. You cant quite see in this photo but the zipper curves 90 degrees.




last step:

Flip the laptop case inside out. If the zipper ends are puffed out a bit, go back in and sew them closer to the edge. Do any last minute corrections or snips of threads and your laptop case should be complete!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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