The power of white.


My parents gave me a lot of creative freedom growing up. When I was twelve, they let me paint my bedroom walls pink and splatter paint them rainbow. Run of splatters on the ceiling and carpet included. When I was fourteen I got sick of it and painted them green. Tennis ball green. Putrid green that only a fourteen year old girl in 2006 could possibly actually enjoy.




Because I hated being in that ugly bedroom, I didn’t take any pride in taking care of it or the stuff inside it. It was time for my bedroom to catch up to me.

The power of a little white paint can go a long way. It took two coats of white paint, costing me about 20$ for paint and supplies at Walmart and maybe five hours to do the job itself. It probably took another five hours to sort through all the junk hidden away for years under my bed and in my closet. But now that I feel like my room matches my personality and looks clean and uncluttered, I finally feel a little less guilty that I haven’t left it in two days (Netflix marathon OK?)




Ahha the power of white. A clean slate. Freedom. Uncluttered. The absence of color is certainly my favorite color…


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