Blogging photography


I’m getting closer …

I’ve tried to step my game up when it comes to taking pictures of products and objects I want to post on Instagram or here. I took advice to set up a mock white box near natural light. I took a large piece of white paper that was 3×4 feet and folded it in half. I then taped it tightly to the wall and floor just to the side of the window where the sun let in lots of light. The paper covered the carpet and crown molding that would disrupt the clean shot. I set up my products, in this case my triangl bikini, Birkenstocks, and passport and used my iPhone to shoot the pics. A simple edit through VSCO app to increase the exposure and contrast oh make the shot look crisper and more professional. You can set up a little white backdrop anywhere. Just two pieces of paper, tape, and natural lighting. Here’s another shot I took with computer paper before and after I edited it.



I know it’s not perfect but it’s a step in the right direction to making my blog and Instagram as good as the professionals!


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