Today’s DIY


Leather stamping. It’s my new hobby. It is so easy and the results are elegant and classic.

There’s tons to be made. I’m going to turn these little strips into small key chains. I’ve also made leather luggage tags and printed my name and phone number. Here’s what you need

– leather stamping kit. I got mine at Michaels craft store. Originally it’s 30$ but I waited for a 40% off coupon in the Sunday paper
– leather. Again I got a large package of leather scraps sold by the pound at Michaels. For 7$ there’s a pound worth of various colors and sizes. The picture shows just one piece and stringy shred.
– scissors
– hammer

The steps for this is very easy

1: First cut your leather to the shape you want. If you want strips or tag shapes scissors should be able to cut it cleanly.

2: soak the leather in water. I usually just run it under the sink until I see the cookie of the leather get darker and that’s it. It doesn’t need to sit in water it just needs to be damp. It makes the leather softer and easier to stamp.

3: attach the letter of your choosing to the pen tool. If you need to use tape to ensure a straight line, use painters tape to make a guideline by applying the tape directly to the leather.

4: align the pen tool where you want the letter to be. On a hard surface, hold the tool in one hand and a hammer in the other. Strike the pen tool from the top with the hammer VERY HARD! Don’t be shy! It might take a few tries to figure out how hard to hit. If you don’t do it hard enough just realign the stamp and hit more.

Continue until you’re pleased!

Stamping holes is the difficult part. There is a tool for punching holes but it’s also pricey, so I use a sharp knife to dig a hole in the leather.




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