Brekky? Brekkie? WTF it’s called BREAKFAST ! pt. 1

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Brekky sounds so immature to me. Like a little kid would say

muuuum can we pweese get some brekkkyyyy?????

But thats what the aussies call breakfast….


Either way i have made it my personal goal to go on a breakfast exploration. All the locals say that Melbourne is known for doing brunch and breakfast like no other city in the world. My neighbor Louise always sends me recommendations so i have accepted this personal challenge to try as many of the best cafes around for coffee or food. This article on Urban List has peaked my interest and i have made it my goal to tick off some of the bests, and some which might not have made it to the list but were still rad.

Here are my thoughts on the first 5 cafes in no particular order

1. Shortstop Coffee and Doughnuts



peanut butter doughnut with nutella filling 


Shortstops instagram account has absolutely exploded in the last two months. Almost every cafe ad restaurant has several social media pages and @shortstopmelb on instagram has gained 33.2K followers…..its a doughnut shop smaller than my bedroom in a mostly empty laneway. Yet it’s one of the best places to stop for a snack in the CBD. (For my americans, a CBD is the downtown area). Although doughnuts will run you 4$ which is about 3.10$ american; quite a difference from the .90 cent donut from dunkin. Anyways.

The (what i would consider) artisan peanut butter doughnut was delicious. And messy. And shocking to the tastebuds because it was super sugary. But the peanuts on the top were a nice touch. The coffee was decent as well, but i don’t think i have a right to critique australian coffee just yet.

2. Axil Coffee Roasters


Yet another hipsterish pricey brunch to make the cut. Most people popping into Axil and waiting in the line at the door are trying to get their hands on the super famous red velvet pancakes with black sesame ice cream. Black sesame ice cream sounds kinda gross but its amazing; its only a tiny bit sweet and is more of a palette cleanser. Which is pretty necessary because the red velvet pancakes are really more like mini cakes. The flavor is super rich and creamy that its almost overwhelming.

I don’t recommend eating them for your first meal of the day because i felt so sick from all the sugary rich chocolate tastes all day. That being said, its incredible as a mid day treat instead because its more like a desert. I had a nice cappuccino with i that was nice because it was a stronger coffee flavor, and less of the typical milky flavor. They source their coffee beans from a couple of fair trade thingies in Kenya and Colombia etc. But overall, it’s a place every melbournian should visit at least once. I probably won’t return because it was a bit pricey and crowded, but i am glad i got to try out the hype.

3. Manchester Press


I chose to take on this place alone one sunday because i heard the bagels were delicious, and my Australian friends just do not appreciate bagels the way Americans do. Although there were no bagels with cream cheese on the menu (nor is that on the menu really ANYWHERE!) i opted for a bagel sandwich (somewhat popular here). It had turkey and some weird cranberry jelly that was really sweet and shocking but delicious on a plain bagel with a side salad.

Bagels here are also pretty small compared to USA. It was pretty inexpensive compared to all the other popular cafes so i would definitely go back. Its in one of the less populated/touristy laneways so it was nice to get “the search and discover” aspect of finding a little hole in the wall cafe without the annoying waiters who bombard all the tourists in the close-by laneways. The coffee here was also delicious, with a taste again to the true acidity of the coffee bean but was still creamy and barely bitter.

4. Queensbury Pour House


My FAVORITE coffee shop i’ve hit so far!

It took me a while to learn that “batch brew” and “filter coffee” was the same thing as american coffee. As you’ve heard me complain many times before coffee here isnt the same. Its weak, milky and mild. In the USA its much more of an acquired taste. But batch brew from this place is the closest thing i have found. It usually comes without milk, as thats how they expect you to drink it.


and….its bottomless…AKA free refills just like any regular old diner in he USA. woohoo! Its a little acidic for my liking and a bit watered down, but i don’t care because it feels sooooo good to be able to drink cup after cup. You would never even know this place is there either unless you went looking for it, because there is no sign. The sign above the entrance is one of the old “pura vida milk bar” signs so it appears to be a convenience store. But its not. Its awesome. Five stars.


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