When traveling turns into life

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IMG_2849…You stop caring about how many pictures you’ve uploaded to Instagram and Facebook, because you haven’t gone anywhere new or exciting in a while.

…You think about all the crap you spent your money on when you first got here and wish you hadn’t.

…You stop feeling guilty about spending a lazy day in bed binge watching netflix. Or three days in a row.

…You realize that all your stuff no longer fits in the suitcase you brought.. And you have to consciously think about everything you want to purchase, and decide it’s worth based off its size.

…You spend more time asking your friends back home about what’s new in their lives rather than telling them about what you’ve been up to.

…You realize who your true friends are. Good grief that is so cliché but it’s true. You know they’re the important ones if you write them a letter and they write you back.

…You watch foreign versions of TV shows you’d never watch at home.

…You now only get coffee from your favorite place. And you know it’s your favorite because you’ve tried every. single. coffee joint around.

…You don’t identify yourself as part of the “backpacker” community anymore because your existence in this place has a definitive expiration date and you don’t plan on migrating to anywhere else before then.

…You start doing the little things that you used to do when you were home. Now that the “exploration” phase is over, you can get back to some sort of a routine. And you can do things like doodling and reading and stuff that you couldn’t be bothered doing when you were ticking off the best beaches and cafes off your travel to-do list.

…You stop caring about the weather at home. Or the news at home. Or whats happenin on facebook with those friends-but-not-really-friends at home.

…You move on pretty quick from your home muse because now you have bigger and better things. Life. Real life.

Because life happens no matter where you are. Moving away for a year sounds like an escape, and its easy to talk about it like its a break from your real life at home. But this is a whole year. Life doesn’t start, or stop, or change completely when you go abroad. It just….happens….normally.


and just for some giggles…..this is so true.



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