23 and a “new” me…hopefully. Pt. 1

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The opposite of traveling light…is traveling heavy? Which means i have a lot of stuff, and my stuff weighs a lot. That is not very clear, is it?

okay, okay. By stuff…i mean clothes. I have a lot of clothes.

And by clothes, i mean just the clothes i have here in Australia…(you know the “necessities” i shoved into a suitcase the day before i boarded the plane). I have a whole lot more “stuff” in america than i do here. And in case i’m still not being clear…

i have approximately:

  • 42 shirts including tank tops, short and long sleeves
  • 15 bras
  • 13 pairs of pants
  • 13 dresses/rompers
  • 11 running shirts
  • 10 knit sweaters
  • 10 pairs of shoes
  • 9 magazines and books (i had about 15 a month ago)
  • 8 pairs of running shorts
  • 7 pairs of regular shorts
  • 6 bathing suits
  • 5 skirts
  • 5 cotton sweatshirts
  • 5 vests
  • 4 pairs of running pants/tights
  • 2 hats, 4 scarves, 3 types of coats
  • 2 phones, 2 tablets, 1 iPod, 1 computer, 3 watches and all the chargers that go with
  • 2 suitcases
  • 2 purses, 1 backpack
  • and an unbelievable stack of mementos i have gathered, mostly ticket stubs, art prints, photos and advertisements for things i went to.
  • another ridiculous stack of art and craft supplies, most of which i have purchased since i have been here.

That’s 81 tops ALONE. I could wear a different top or dress for 3 months straight. 3 MONTHS WORTH OF TOPS?!?!?!?!?What kind of sicko am I? Really though. How could i have this many pieces of clothes???

Here is the shocker….

  • 40 of these pieces of clothing items alone i have purchased here in Australia. Out of 144 total pieces of clothing currently in my Aussie closet.

  • That is 28% of my closet that i have purchased in the last six months.

  • If i continue on this rate i could be looking at my wardrobe in 6 months, at the end of an entire year, with 184 pieces of clothing, 44% of my clothes having been purchased within a year.

I didn’t realize the severity of this situation until i recently moved houses, and had to pack up all my stuff. And i needed to borrow 3 suitcases…. So its clear that things need to change.

So in honor of my 23rd birthday, i have made two resolutions to myself, the first being:


Now i know its not realistic for someone like me who loves to shop to stop buying things for the next year. Its just not gonna happen. So, i thought i could allow myself to purchase ONE clothing item/pair of shoes a month. Ill have to save up my itch to buy and use my one chance to buy something i really want. And maybe it will be okay to spend a little bit more money on higher quality items…since i’m only buying one a month ya know? We’ll see.

I think my august item will be a pair of floral Nike or New Balance sneakers i can wear with jeans or whatever else.

 Anyways…Part two has to do with food…and i’ll write it soon….after i finish eating 🙂


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