Australian Bucket List

bucket list, to do in melbourne, whats on melbourne

I started ticking things off this bucketlist the first day of February 2015. Then i went back in June and re-assessed. And now for the last time, its nearly christmas…what the hell?  Once again, lots of things have changed, and i think i have made decent progress! I officially have 47 days left to get these done.

  1. Christmas on the beach
  2. Have an honest crack at selling my artwork at markets and online
  3. Go to a cricket game
  4. Try kite surfing
  5. Go to Tasmania
  6. …Play a cricket game
  7. Jump off of a cliff
  8. Go on a wine tour or wine tasting
  9. See the penguins at Philip Island
  10. Go to the Whitsundays and see the crystal blue water
  11. See a koala in the wild (does the zoo count?)
  12. Go rollerblading
  13. Make my Australian friends an American dinner
  14. Do at least one hike in the Dandenongs
  15. Ride the giant Ferris wheel at the docklands
  16. Find a proper track team and train fully for an aussie aths season.
  17. See Rhonda Rousey fight in UFC 193 live
  18. Have a barbecue on the beach at sunset  check! Over Easter break we ate hot french fries and cheeseburgers on the beach and saw the most incredible sunset. IMG_2676
  19. Successfully cut soda out of my diet check! I never crave soda anymore. When i want something other than water, i often drink soda water. 
  20. See the Grampians mountain range- check! 2/21/15    
  21. Have a picnic on a warm day in the royal botanic gardens check!
  22. See the Mornington peninsula. check! Easter break was spent at the amazing Wilsons Promontory national Park  EDIT: I kinda only now realize that Wilsons Prom isn’t really the Peninsula. But i made my back there a few weeks ago for a beach day and it was equally gorgeous. IMG_2653
  23. Attend a footy match- check! I got to see Hawthorne play GWS in Sydney!IMG_2986
  24. Get ice cream at famous Gelato Messina– check! 2/14/15
  25. Go to Torquay and (try to) surf – check! 3/7/15                  
  26. See a kangaroo – check! 2/21/15IMG_0739
  27. Try a hot cross bun – check! 4/6/15 An Aussie Easter staple.
  28. Go to the Stawell Gift… Or settle with just watching it. Check! 4/7/15 Had to settle with watching it. 
  29. Fly to Sydney for a long weekend and explore! Check! 5/8/15IMG_2951
  30. Compete in the high jump representing Boston United – check! 2/27/15
  31. Go to a design market- check! 2/14/15               
  32. Visit the contemporary art museum  – Check! 2/28/15
  33. Do the Great Ocean road- check!                                                 
  34. See the pink lake at Westgate park before autumn turns it blue again – kind of done… I saw it from the highway. It doesn’t count! 
  35. Go to a night market– check! i went nearly every wednesday night in march.
  36. Go to a traditional Australian festival – check! 2/7/15
  37. Go on a date, a picnic date, with a lovely man. Cheeky check!

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