One year later 


On the one year anniversary ​
January 27th 2015, somewhere near midnight I landed in Australia. I walked off the plane with a second degree sunburn and entered the white room of strangers aka customs where I stared into a camera which determined whether or not I was actually the Kelly chamberlain Ulf my passport claimed.

365 days later I sat in a hostel in Waikiki crossing every finger and toe that the shitty wifi would let me click submit in the Australian immigration website for a student visa.

And then instant tears of joy as that same shitty wifi managed to connect to my phone which was on airplane mode and dinged with a new email. Subject: “visa grant notice”

Who knew it would be instant? I thought for sure it would take weeks. One email changing my world.

2015 was my year. Me myself and I going all over the southern hemisphere.


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