Buzz off 


Three years ago you couldn’t pay me a hundred bucks to have a sip of coffee, aka black mud sludge. But someone somewhere somehow got me to try a taste of a Dunkachino. Aka the American version of a mocha. It’s half hot chocolate and half sugar and straight up tastes like a block of Hershey’s. Anyways slowly and surely I started drinking more and more until I graduated to the hazelnut coffee which is still disgustingly sugary. Fast forward to Australia the home of REAL coffee and I was drinking lattes and cappuccinos like it was my job (because I didn’t have a real job). Everyday the same routine: pop by the cafe across the street (literally across the street making it wayyyy too convenient. It was basically theft) around 9 for my 12oz milky buzz. I’d usually drink it on the way to somewhere else, and by the time I got somewhere else I bum rushed to the toilet to pee like I haven’t in weeks (TMI?). Come 11 the caffeines made me shake and I pick up some sort of sugary snack to make the jitters go away. Come afternoon I’m painfully dehydrated. And I did this every day. It was also expensive. $4.20 let’s say 6 times a week is $26 a week which is $1311 a year. HELLLL NAH. 

so I gave it up. 

Day one: easy. Physically I’m totally fine. My brain keeps telling me I want a coffee but my body feels fine without it. I think I just like the milky taste and probably the sugar. I do feel a little tired at the end of the day and go to bed early. 

Day two: wake up feeling fine. Still craving a milky drink but physically I feel mostly awake. Until the afternoon. A bit after lunch when the blood sugar drops, the headache visits. It’s a dull ache. I pop some ibuprofen and it mostly helps. I’m actually really dehydrated too. Drinking coffee made me really inconsistent with my water intake and i would just chug it when I knew I was post coffee dehydrated. Without coffee I had no reason to chug it so I was dehydrated. I also feel pretty sluggish. 

Day three: the worst day. Woke up tired, had no energy, headache, couldn’t help the urge to snack allllll damn day. I felt like I had a cold. I passed out way too early 

Day four: still bad. See yesterday. 

Day five: things start to look up and I feel physically better. I still mentally crave a warm milky drink but I have a couple of Chai lattes and get over it. I feel like I have a better understanding of my genuine fatigue levels. Coffee tricked me when I was actually tired. Coffee told me I was tired and made me not tired. 

And from there on, I’m caffeine free. Notice I didn’t say coffee free. I still drink a decaf a bit, 3-4 times a week because I just can’t escape that warm milk craving. It just tastes so yummy too. But I’m glad I did it. Coffee made me feel bad every day and I didn’t really enjoy the good feeling coffee was supposed to give. The caffeine buzz made my head feel full and headachy. It made me eat extra sugary snacks. But now I don’t feel tired like I did with coffee. I feel pretty energetic all the time.  So hip hop hooray for being caffeine free ! 


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